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inspiration & creation

The place of inspiration and creation

The Book Art Museum is a venue moving your imagination and mind. Trespassing the threshold a following question is usually asked: „where is the museum?” “Wait a minute. It will come” - this is what the hosts, “the mobile monuments of the past epoch”, usually answer and bring the visitors to the world of astonishment and cognitive dissonance.

For 20 years the museum has been a kind of squat, unique in the whole world, due to the constant threat of eviction – formally it has no right to be here. Despite the situation it is a member of the Polish Gutenberg Fellowship, as well as of the European Association of Print Museums, and their founders were honoured with the City of Łódź Award, Walter Tiemann Award, „Schonste Bucher aus Aller Welt” (The Most Beautiful Book of the World Award), SPRĘŻYNY (The Spring Award), and recently with the annual award of the American Printing History Association. The state of destruction and neglect of one hundred years old Henryk Grohman's villa, its history connected with some great figures of Polish culture, the lack of support from the outside to save this monument of history – this is what astonishes the visitors. The potential of collected pieces of art and of material culture, knowledge and experience in book art – this is what can be admired by the visitors. Unbelievable is the motion of working machines, the exhibiting activity in Poland and abroad, twenty years lasting obstinacy of the museum founders. Their straightforwardness and liveliness is shocking. Emotions are generated by spontaneous behaviours and unique atmosphere which breaks stereotypical way of thinking and brings various creative ideas. Those who visited the museum keep their interest in book art for many years. The collected items, and devices for making artist's books provide inspirations. Artists' books, books about books, pieces of furniture, old machines being collected for 30 years are rarities not only in Poland. It is important they are here not only to be watched, they can be used, they do work. The old machines are supported by a modern digital devices. Thus various ideas and projects by artists, students, scientists, journalists, book lovers and others can be turned into reality and completed. The museum not only inspires, it helps to create something: a book, essay, film, poster, invitation for an event, etc. It also helps to get in touch with representatives of different arts, disciplines and sciences. New works, projects, events, exhibitions referring to the book art appear constantly. Of course the most active is the Correspondance des Arts Press, being based in the Museum – new CdA books, collections, presentations, workshops, all twenty years long activity of CdA has been taking place in BAM. Its experience results in deep conviction that everything must be done to keep this venue alive. The necessary renovation, the standard museum equipment that is badly needed, next users, nothing can destroy its most important value: a creative atmosphere. The mission of the Book Art Museum in Łódź is to inspire and support all creativity related to a book.