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The art press

The Book Art Museum is an art press called „Correspondance des Arts”, abbreviated as „CdA books”, which finds an idea of the correspondence of arts as very useful and inspiring in the process of book creation. The CdA books are related directly to CdA projects and CdA prints.
CdA books have been made since 1980 in edition less than one hundred copies. They are hand made, with original graphic art, unconventionally bound, of various shapes, always somehow related to the history of book art. A book is of multimedia character by its nature. An artist's book experiments with relations between words, images, sounds, motion; it asks questions about the correspondence of different arts.
The thirty years long history of CdA press can be divided into three periods. The first one lasted five years – the books were made by a group of artists who founded the press: Andrzej Graczykowski, Zbigniew Janeczek and Janusz Tryzno, and by a poet Zdzisław Jaskuła. The second period lasted to the mid-1990s – Janusz Tryzno and Jadwiga Tryzno were cooperating with different Polish and foreign artists. The third period has been lasting till now – the CdA books have been made by the Tryzno family. The type of artist's book preferred by the press has been evolving and changing. At first they made codex-like books, so called “book-works”, then they experimented with the shape of the codex, then book objects appeared, including “lenticular books”, lately they focused on digital technologies. “Just-books” have always been on the margin of their interest.
CdA projects goes beyond the form of a single book. The refer to the history and the future of a book as a product of culture – a form conditioned by the times and technologies. Within the Scriptorium project at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2000, the Computorium project was presented showing how to preserve the most important attributes of a standard book in an e-book format. Other CdA projects focus on 3D technologies.
CdA prints are based on practical experience of the CdA books, either advancing them or using their effects. They are made for specific needs and purposes, often are the results of commissions which in advance define the method of production. Poetry combined with graphic art is quite a big part of the CdA prints.